E-Discovery Media

Our cutting-edge technology provides media discovery and storage that can lower your costs and offers an easy way to view all your media files on demand in one integrated solution.

As soon as you upload a photo, the technology will start scanning and detecting all the faces within it, creating a custom thumbnail for them. Any new photo that matches that person’s face will appear below the created thumbnail.

A smart feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you discover photos of the objects that appear within them. Additionally, the new LifeMoji feature enables intuitive search for emojis on mobile devices.

With our transcoding technology, all your video and audio files are optimized to be fully viewable and transmittable, no matter the size or format (HD, 4 / 8K, MP3 / 4).

Do you have multiple files that belong to a project? Instead of testing your memory, classify them by adding one or more tags.

Find and retrieve metadata for all your media files instantly and easily.

From day one, the system is designed to handle large amounts of data from anywhere in the world, while providing all smart features, instant access, and responsiveness.

Through our smart app, all your valuable media files can also be discovered and streamed on your mobile device or tablet, using all of our A.I. capabilities.