Where backups and data cloud are combined with Artificial Intelligence

Affordable price, amazing functionality

The future of cloud storage

AufiCloud breaks with tradition, pioneering its own cloud backup structure.
AufiCloud delivers on typical cloud storage, organization and protection promises, but is a huge leap forward for the industry.
A unique combination of proven features and a smart new twist.

Traditional backup services can’t keep up with your growing data needs.
Stay ahead of the game using the power of A.I. and boost your productivity.


50 GB

0,94 /mo

or 10,10 / year

50gb cold Storage + SD Streaming

1 user

100 GB

2,57 /mo

or 27,72 / year

100gb cold Storage + SD Streaming

3 users + 3 mobile

300 GB

6,11 /mo

or 65,98 / year

300gb cold Storage + SD Streaming

5 users + 5 mobile

1 TB

15,73 /mo

or 169,88 / year

1tb cold Storage + SD Streaming

5 users + 5 mobile