Artificial intelligence

AufiCloud is powered by a smart machine that makes your experience easier, faster and smarter.

Your search request goes beyond file names; It also searches for file and tag content, and even objects within images.

Our intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine locates text, in 22 different languages, in any image, scanned document, receipt or contract and allows it to be searched.

With our accurate facial recognition and photo detection technology, AufiCloud allows you to organize and access your photos more easily than ever.

In this new digital age, we produce an almost infinite number of photos, where thousands can be taken in a single event. As a photographer, it is impossible to remember what is in each shot. Our advanced object detection feature does the work for you, taking image discovery to a whole new level.

What is photo detection?

Photo Detection, an exclusive add-on feature to BigMIND, uses artificial intelligence to help you discover photos based on objects that appear within them.

How does it work?

Search for words like “mug,” “phone,” “friend,” or “wedding,” and our technology will identify these objects in your images, giving you accurate results in seconds.

Our I.A. 

The engine automatically transcribes all video and audio files on your devices, allowing you to search through your data on a whole new level. You can:

    • Search for keywords in the transcribed text of millions of your video and audio files, and instantly call up the ones that contain the keywords.
    • Find the exact place in the video or audio file where the keywords can be found using the A.I. motor.
    • Download the automatically generated transcripts of your video and audio files with a single click.