Cloud storage just got smarter

Exclusive Benefits
for Partners

Joining our program gives you a competitive advantage. Enhance your company's USP by providing an AI solution that allows you to monetize advanced AI solution that allows you to monetize advanced features and create customizable plans, while meeting your customers' needs.

What makes our partner program different?

AufiCloud delivers on the typical promises of cloud storage, organization and protection, but takes a big leap forward for the industry.

Personalized Benefits

Advanced Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence


Customized Benefits for You

The best partnerships are those in which all parties benefit. That’s why our Partner Program offers some of the following benefits.

No initial investment required

Charge customers annually or monthly and watch your profits soar.

Fully automated

Manage everything from payments to branding in minutes.

Flexible payment model

Pay for what you use with our innovative recharge system.

24/7 support

Our partners have access to technical support in their language.

White label available

Customize the software to reflect your company’s identity.

Supplementary marketing documents

A wealth of free marketing materials available to help ease the transition to AufiCloud.

global customers & partners

We have been in business for over 5 years. In that time, AufiCloud has worked with thousands of MSPs, resellers and OEMs. Some of our global partners include Dell, TeamViewer, AOS, Acer and Canon.
What they all have in common is trust.