E-Discovery Documents

Finding your data should be stress-free.

How does E-Discovery Documents work?

AufiCloud automatically sorts your files for you, making finding what you need much easier. AufiCloud organizes everything: documents, financial spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations and much more.

Access all

Discover all data located on computers, tablets, smartphones, external drives, servers, network devices and even cloud services and software.

No need to remember file names. Search files instantly by content and keywords.

Content Discovery

Forget about file names and start searching by words and phrases. Our technology is designed to understand different sentence structures and language variations.


Our version history allows you to clearly see the traces of each stored file for possible corrections. This allows preservation, retrieval and restoration of each object version stored in your API-managed data repository.


Maximize your storage space and set the number of days you want to keep any file. Based on block-level backups for large files, you can limit the amounts of storage for each user.


Our engine can convert any scanned document into searchable data, as well as extract any text from a JPEG or TIFF image.


Search for content in the language of your choice.


Managing a large number of files assigned to one or more projects? Instead of taxing your memory, sort them into one or more tags.